How To Survive The First Month Of Your Baby As A New Mom

How To Survive The First Month Of Your Baby As A New Mom

There is nothing more enjoyable and touching than waiting for your baby to be born and then finally have her in your arm. But after the first precious moments, there are a lot of things that are waiting for you ahead. Especially when you are a new mom, the first month of your baby is really tough.

There would be countless sleepless nights, troublesome breastfeeding problems and stress and anxiety. All of these things would be so hard to handle, which might exhaust you both physically and mentally.

How To Survive The First Month Of Your Baby As A New Mom

However, other moms can get over it and I am sure you would find no difficulty in passing these first months of you baby as well. There are a lot of tips and hints out there which can assist you to do your job better. Here are some tips to help you get over the first month of your baby:

1/ Sleep When The Baby Sleeps

One of the most troublesome problems that many new moms encounter is that they donít have enough time to sleep, which will then affect their health negatively. And with a bad health, they would not be able to take care of their babies.

Therefore, you should find yourself plenty of time to sleep as much as possible. You should rest when your baby sleep. Even when he is only going to take a short nap during the day, you should also lay down and have a nap as well.

2/ Know What You Should Expect From Your Baby

Many people are so worried about some changes of your baby up to the point that they get panicked. However, there are some certain situations when changes are absolutely normal and you should be aware about these situations so that you can stay calm and know what to do next.

The first and foremost change that many people might recognize in their babies is the lost of weight. This is very normal for a newborn baby to lose some few ounces of weight before they get back to their normal weight about 1 week later. Therefore, the lost of weight for the first few days is not the sign of underfeeding.

In addition, your baby will want to sleep and eat in between 2 hours. He also needs to have his diaper changed in every 4 hours. You should nurse your baby as much as possible whenever he demands for it. This would help to increase your breast milk supply.

You might see your baby spitting up. This is one very common sight and you should not be worried much about it as long as your baby keeps gaining weight on schedule.

How To Survive The First Month Of Your Baby As A New Mom

Another thing to remember is his vaccination schedule. Moreover, you should have a doctor to come for a monthly check up to make sure your baby is developed in a healthy way.

However, there is surely one sight that you should notice, which is that your baby gets a high fever of more than 38 degree Celsius. You should consult your doctor immediately upon encountering this problem.

3/ Accept Help

Finally, it is worth knowing that you would have a lot of support from your family members, friends and especially your partner. I am sure they are willing to help you no matter what. You can ask them to bath your baby or change his diaper. You can also simply talk and share your emotions.

You can think about hiring professional service to come to take care of your baby and you as well.

I hope that the tips I provide here is very useful for you upon the arrival of your baby. Things are always hard and challenging at first but they would get better over time once you have more experience on how to deal with difficult situations. Being a mother is the best  job in the world and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

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