Some Tips For Taking Care Of Your Baby As A New Parent

Some Tips For Taking Care Of Your Baby As A New Parent

Learning how to take care of your new baby is one of the most important and hardest things that you need to know in order to maintain a good health and wellbeing for your baby.

in this article, I will list out some of the most basic and crucial things that you need to do in case you want to make sure that your baby is happy and healthy all the time. Here are some tips that you should follow in order to take care of your baby well:

Some Tips For Taking Care Of Your Baby As A New Parent

1/ Wash Your Hands

Your hands are usually one of the dirtiest parts of your body since they comes in contact with various surfaces such as door knobs. Moreover, your babyís immune system is still developing, which will be weak against germ and other infections. Therefore, you need to wash your hands frequently to prevent bacteria and germs from your hands from transferring to your baby.

Not you but other people who want to hug your baby or feed him need to makes sure their hands are clear before they can do so.

In case you are on the go with your baby, you can bring along a bottle of hand sanitizer to give your hands a quick wash.

2/ Pick Up Your Baby

Like the immune system, the bone structure of your baby is quite weak now so you need to pay extra attention when you want to pick up your baby.

When you want to pick your baby up while he is lying on bed, you should slide one hand under his head first. The other hand of yours needs to slide under his bottom. Take both of your hands up at the same time and bring the baby closer to your chest.

No matter what position and situation that you are going to deal with picking up your baby, you should always use your hands to support his head and neck.

There are several positions you can do to hug and support your baby including cradling and holding your baby on your shoulder:

  • With the cradle position, your babyís head will lie on your hands. Make sure you have one hand to support your babyís neck.
  • Holding your newborn baby on your shoulder will require the head of your baby to rest on your shoulder. Make sure you use one hand to securely lock your baby whenever you go up and down.
  • No matter what position you use to hold your baby, when you hold him, you should not swing the baby from side to side too quickly and strongly to avoid shaken baby syndrome.
Some Tips For Taking Care Of Your Baby As A New Parent

3/ Use A Ring Sling Or Baby Carrier

As I mention above about 2 positions when you can use your hands to support and hug your baby, with a ring sling or baby carrier, you donít have use your hands. Using these tools also is safer as long as you follow the weight and height limit of the ring slingís product.

One of the most significant benefits of using a ring sling is that your baby will feel loved and secured when he is carried by you. And also by being close to each other for a large amount of time a day, you would be able to strength the bond between mother and baby.

There are some safety cautions of on using a ring sling that you should remember. For example, the head of your baby needs to be clear of any fabrics all the time. In addition, the weight and height of your baby should not exceed the limit of the product you use.

Here are some of the most basic things that new parent needs to know in order to take better care of her baby. There sure are plenty more things to remember and follow. I am sure that as long as you keep reading about parental advice and show commitment towards doing your best job, you would have a lot of good time with your baby.

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