Taking Care Of Baby With A Pack And Play

Taking Care Of Baby With A Pack And Play

If you just gave birth or you have plan to have a baby, you should consider to buy a pack and play that. It is really important for you to take care of your baby in a pack and play to create for your baby an environment for self-development. This article today will show you the way to choose the best pack and play for toddlers and show you how to clean used baby things in pack and play.

Taking Care Of Baby With A Pack And Play

1/ Why Pack and Play Is a Must-By Item to Best Take Care of Your Baby?

A long time ago, parents always let their newborn baby sleep with them in one bed, which was a really bad habit. By doing this, your baby would not have enough air to breath, causing respiratory diseases. Or in case their parents move their body in sleep time, it would affect to the sleep of baby. So Pack and play is very necessary in baby caring.

In modern time, people invest a lot of resources to enhance the standard of baby care process, followed by several necessary accessories that support parents to take care of their baby, including pack and play. However, a single pack and play is not enough, to take care of babies from the time they were just given birth, they invent a bassinet built-in pack and play.

When your newborn infant is small, a bassinet is very necessary for your baby to have more sleep time. When baby grow bigger, you can remove the bassinet out and let the toddler in the pack and play.

Taking Care Of Baby With A Pack And Play

2/ Elements for You to Consider Which the Best Pack and Play Is

  • Considering the size of your bed room to place the pack and play

If you are planning to by a pack and play for your baby, do consider about the place you put it around your bed room. It had better that pack and play should be placed near by the bed of parents for parents can keep an eye on their baby. So before you buy, you should calculate the size of your bed room precisely to by the pack and play with suitable dimension. It is not fun if you by a too big size, then you can not put it in your bed room. The process to have replacement waste a lot of time and money.

  • Level of your budget

When it comes to the price of pack and play, you should think a lot before deciding to buy. Since pack and play have a variety of options for you to choose. The more feature the play and pack has, the more expensive it is. In case your budget is limited, you may choose the one with fewer features to fit your budget plan. The material of pack and play is another thing contributing to price diversity. The ones made from different wood have different, or the price of pack and play made from wood is far different from the one made from plastic. So depending on your budget limit, you can choose the best one fitting your money.

Taking Care Of Baby With A Pack And Play
  • Safety is first priority

Nowadays, Pack and play are manufactured strictly following the safety standard. But you have to check again and again to assure that manufacturers had followed all safety requirement approved by government.

It is really dangerous when you carelessly ignore the manufacturing safety standard of your pack and play for your beloved baby, in case the material to produce it contain toxic or some chemicals that can harm to the health of your baby.

  • The mobility of pack and play

It is the best that the pack and play for your children have wheels for you to easily to move it around your house whenever you want. Pack and play take up significant weight so that if it do not have wheels, it is really hard for you to move the position of it.

However, a pack and play with wheels is often much more expensive than the one without wheels.

So when you have plan to fix the position of pack and play for your baby, you had better choose the one without wheels.

3/ How to Clean Used Baby Things in Pack and Play

As can be seen, the more features you choose for your pack and play, the more things are included in it like toys, tow, cushion or so on. These accessories are often built-in pack and play. However, when you pay more attention to it you will see there is a node that allow to connect and disconnect accessories from pack and play. So you will never have to be worry if these things in pack and play is used until it is dirty because you can completely take it out to washed and dry and sterilize it to have best condition for your baby.

It comes to the conclusion that, having babies is often easier than taking care of them later on. If you want to be smart and caring parents, be pay attention more about what is really good for the development of your babies since they is still a newborn infant.

9 Pros, Cons And Myths Of Being A Breadwinning Mom

9 Pros, Cons And Myths Of Being A Breadwinning Mom

An amazing information is that breadwinning moms take 40% all households in U.S even this number has risen continuity. Actually, these moms have a lot of pros, cons and myths which you do not know. Below, I will list 9 things you had better know in order to understand clearly how a breadwinning mom feel.

1/ Myth: The Success Of A Breadwinning Mom Wrecks Her Relationship And Marriage

According to Stephanie Coontz who is the award-winning A Strange Stirring’s author, in a modern-day myth, the heterosexual breadwinning moms are ruining their relationships with financial and career status.

9 Pros, Cons And Myths Of Being A Breadwinning Mom

2/ Con: Low-Earning Men Are Threatened By Higher-Earning Spouses

According to the Coontz researcher, the high-earning men (their financial success) are always bothered, in case, they work less money than their wives. It seems to be these men can not separate their worth and masculinity from their ability for outperforming wives.

3/ Pro: Breadwinning Moms Can Get Reduced Anxiety

According to Ph.D Christin Munsch in University of Connecticut sociologist, a breadwinning woman always reports psychological well-being better as well as less anxiety than economically dependent or equal-earning peers. When you are able to support your family and yourself, obviously, the pride and confidence come with you very natural.

4/ Con: A Breadwinning Mom Is Stressful In Real Life

Normally, the more a breadwinning mom can earn, the higher her anxiety is. There are more constant stress and pressure than your think. Thus, you should find how to avoid stress and pressure by do not your partner.

5/ Pro: Breadwinning Moms Have Less Anxious Than Dads

Basically, the financial responsibility of men with their families is always higher so their anxiety is also higher. With breadwinning moms, this is lighter very much.

6/ Con: An Economically Dependent Spouse Can Cheat

According to Dr. Munsch research, the majority of economically dependent men cheat probably on their wives. What is more, breadwinning women have to always take pains to salve the egos of their husband.

7/ Myth: Breadwinning Moms Usually Emsculate Dads With Their Successes

Truth: A lot of dads with breadwinning moms get to bond more with their children. When men adjust their beginning discomfort, they find primary parental caregiver whilst allowing good intimacy with kids and their knowledge.

8/ Pro: The Advantage Of Work Make Better Breadwinning Mom

According to Coontz, it is more stimulating and attentive for them when finding their work’s emotional and financial rewards.

9/ Con: Moms Get Jealousy And Guilt Over Missing Time With Their Children

9 Pros, Cons And Myths Of Being A Breadwinning Mom

According to research, most of kids actually hope that their moms feel less stressed and worried so they do not want more time with their mom.

What else do you know or want to know more? Tell me by leaving your comments below. I believe that these little information have provided you the right think about breadwinning mom. After all, I also want achievements of women is respected as much as possible. Thank you very much for reading my article. Hope you love it!

How To Survive The First Month Of Your Baby As A New Mom

How To Survive The First Month Of Your Baby As A New Mom

There is nothing more enjoyable and touching than waiting for your baby to be born and then finally have her in your arm. But after the first precious moments, there are a lot of things that are waiting for you ahead. Especially when you are a new mom, the first month of your baby is really tough.

There would be countless sleepless nights, troublesome breastfeeding problems and stress and anxiety. All of these things would be so hard to handle, which might exhaust you both physically and mentally.

How To Survive The First Month Of Your Baby As A New Mom

However, other moms can get over it and I am sure you would find no difficulty in passing these first months of you baby as well. There are a lot of tips and hints out there which can assist you to do your job better. Here are some tips to help you get over the first month of your baby:

1/ Sleep When The Baby Sleeps

One of the most troublesome problems that many new moms encounter is that they donít have enough time to sleep, which will then affect their health negatively. And with a bad health, they would not be able to take care of their babies.

Therefore, you should find yourself plenty of time to sleep as much as possible. You should rest when your baby sleep. Even when he is only going to take a short nap during the day, you should also lay down and have a nap as well.

2/ Know What You Should Expect From Your Baby

Many people are so worried about some changes of your baby up to the point that they get panicked. However, there are some certain situations when changes are absolutely normal and you should be aware about these situations so that you can stay calm and know what to do next.

The first and foremost change that many people might recognize in their babies is the lost of weight. This is very normal for a newborn baby to lose some few ounces of weight before they get back to their normal weight about 1 week later. Therefore, the lost of weight for the first few days is not the sign of underfeeding.

In addition, your baby will want to sleep and eat in between 2 hours. He also needs to have his diaper changed in every 4 hours. You should nurse your baby as much as possible whenever he demands for it. This would help to increase your breast milk supply.

You might see your baby spitting up. This is one very common sight and you should not be worried much about it as long as your baby keeps gaining weight on schedule.

How To Survive The First Month Of Your Baby As A New Mom

Another thing to remember is his vaccination schedule. Moreover, you should have a doctor to come for a monthly check up to make sure your baby is developed in a healthy way.

However, there is surely one sight that you should notice, which is that your baby gets a high fever of more than 38 degree Celsius. You should consult your doctor immediately upon encountering this problem.

3/ Accept Help

Finally, it is worth knowing that you would have a lot of support from your family members, friends and especially your partner. I am sure they are willing to help you no matter what. You can ask them to bath your baby or change his diaper. You can also simply talk and share your emotions.

You can think about hiring professional service to come to take care of your baby and you as well.

I hope that the tips I provide here is very useful for you upon the arrival of your baby. Things are always hard and challenging at first but they would get better over time once you have more experience on how to deal with difficult situations. Being a mother is the best  job in the world and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.